Monday, May 20, 2013

That was then...

Here we are at the beginning of Week 2, in Round 2 for 2013, and I'm feeling rather different than I was at this stage of Round 1.

Then, I was feeling fairly apprehensive, I suppose because it was all so new and I had no idea what to expect.  But at the same time I was SO excited!  I couldn't wait  to get started on this journey, to change my life, my habits, my body, my mind, my future!

I did all the pre-season tasks faithfully, took plenty of time with some of them, and not so much with others.  I tried some of the food, it was delicious, and did some of the exercises, they were hard, I watched every single mindset video, and did most of the challenges - killed some of them, and failed miserably at others...

Like the sleep challenge, I managed one early night in a row... 
Nailed it!

I knew before I had even started, that the most important aspect for me was going to be working on the emotional side of my weight issues, and the pre-season tasks and weekly mindset videos have helped so much it's just amazing.  I had to find out what my emotional triggers were and deal with them, and the rest, I thought, would follow.

So after a couple of weeks of trying to do everything, I realised that for me, Round 1 had to be about changing my mind, not  about doing the program 100%, but how I spoke to myself, and how I thought of food.

At the end of those 12 weeks I had pretty much kicked sugar, subconsciously reduced my portion size, learned some key lessons about why I overeat, introduced you all to Voice who still hangs around but is a lot quieter these days, and vanished 10kg.

Now, I'm not at all apprehensive, is this because I know what to expect, or because I think I've 'got it'?  I know I haven't 'got it', it must be because I thought I knew what to expect.  Turns out I was wrong.  I know!  I was shocked too I can tell you!!  The menu's are different (which I had gleaned from the forums would happen), there are no more Weekly Surprises in which participants would complete a task in the hope of winning a pretty awesome prize, and many of the videos are different this time around.

Even with all these changes in the program, I'm still not apprehensive about it.

What I'm feeling is confidence and determination.

I am more determined than ever to succeed at this, because now I know  that I can.

I've already done it once, so I'm confident that I can do it again.

I will  do it again.

I am already  doing it again.

I am a work in progress, in all senses of the word, and I will not stop until I am done.

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