Tuesday, June 09, 2015

How I stay accountable...

When I signed up for the May Round of 12WBT I was determined to do the whole 'food thing' right this time.  So I made a commitment to be accountable for what I chose to put in my mouth - the good, the bad, and the ugly... I was was gonna show you all every single thing I ate!

The result of that commitment has been what amounts to a daily food log via Instagram & personal FB with pictures of my day in food.

I'm certain that many of my FB family and friends are heartily sick of seeing pictures of what I eat  in fact at one point DD said to me "Oh Mum! You aren't one of those tragics that posts everything they eat to Instagram are you!?" and of course I had to admit that I am, but that I have a good excuse!  but I also know that many of them have begun to look forward to my daily pics, and I've even had several requests to become peoples personal chef!

I get a good giggle out of that... If only they knew how much stuff I burn oops! I mean Caramelise!

You might think to yourself  'How would taking a picture of your food make you eat better?  What difference would it make?'

Well quite simply, just knowing you're all going to be looking at what I'm eating makes me think twice about what choices I make about my food.  Basically I don't want to disappoint you all by making bad choices.  So many of you have been with me from the start of this whole thing, through all the ups and downs, you've stuck around during the quiet times, and the times I've pretty much spammed your inboxes with posts...

Right:  'Caramelised' Steak Diane
Until now I had been kidding myself with some stuff, you know the sort of thing I mean... 'Oh it's only a little piece of cake' or 'Go on, eat the chocolate, it's okay it's  Easter' or 'It's not like you have this every day is it?'.  Well all of those 'special' occasions aka excuses soon add up, and I hadn't really registered how much damage they were doing.

Can you say DENIAL?

So by making a public commitment to myself and all of you, I have been able for the most part  to get a grip on what goes in my mouth.  It's just another tool for me to use, a means to an end if you will.

Every now and again I'll have something that has absolutely no nutritional value at all, and I can happily say that those times are getting fewer and further between.  You'll know which days they are, they're the ones with the beige food...

On the whole it's been pretty easy sticking to the meal plan, using just the 12WBT recipes most of the time, and when you see the pictures you'll understand why.  The food is frickin' amazing!

Now that I've talked your ear off about it, and in case you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I thought I'd post my progress so far...

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  1. This is a really good idea, and bah to anyone who didn't like the photos. You do what you need to do. And err wanna come down south and cook for (I mean WITH) me !! ??

    1. Hahahaha Carol, I would LOVE to come down and cook for (I mean WITH) you....