Thursday, August 06, 2015

Hero-ing and winning awards...

Last Sunday night, the same day as my non-event-Winery-Run-and-elevation-to-heroic-Florence-Nightingale-type, I thought it could be an idea to check my emails.  They had been languishing in cloudland for about a week...

So I was deleting all the junk ones, the spam, the scams etc when I came a cross a new scam email that I hadn't seen before.  It was supposedly from 12WBT  yeah right!  congratulating me and asking me to respond to the email because I had won a free round of 12WBT.

I couldn't believe how clever these scammers are getting!  I mean, now they even know that I do 12WBT!

So I figured that I'd best do the right thing and alert the support crew to what's going on, and began looking for another 12WBT - a real one this time - to get the email address from.

That's when I came across the email they had sent me on the Friday before, telling me that I had won a 12wbt Hero Award  for the May Round!

The award is given to someone who has been an inspiration to others.  Winners are nominated by fellow 12WBTers, who must tell support crew why they think that person deserves the award.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked, but the smile hasn't left my face all week.

It's possible that there is a prize, as they asked for my address, but one thing I know for sure I won is a complimentary 12WBT round.  Best. Prize. Ever!

Because the scammy email, actually wasn't scammy at all...

Then!  As if all that wasn't amazing enough!  I get told that they were going to share my blog 'My New Normal' in the 12WBT blog during the same week!

I was on such a high, that I signed up for a 30+ Crew created event call Be Your Own Superhero Virtual Run.  I mean, once hero-ing gets in the blood...

Have you ever had a scam email
that was actually real?

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