Thursday, August 06, 2015

A word on 'before & after' progress pics...

Usually when we think of taking progress pics of our weight loss journey, there are two types of pictures we think of.

There's the full face - from the most flattering angle possible, and the full body shots  my personal favourite,  which often contain a shot from each side. The full body shots are sometimes done in underwear, sometimes in tight clothes - which is probably all we have to wear, except for the over sized tunic that we think are so very flattering...

Left: Feb 2013                  Right: June 2015

Some of us have never even done the before pics because we thought they'd be too embarrassing,  and they often can be very confronting,  so once we're on the path we begin looking for old photos that family and friends may have tucked away in their archives somewhere, and which are very hard to find as our level of camera-shyness is often directly related to our physical size and discomfort with how we look and feel.

My point is, that when thinking of progress shots we tend to stick to just a couple of types of pictures, and it isn't until we begin hitting several benchmark moments that we realise just how many different shots we should have taken.

So today I am going to list all the pictures that I wish I had taken at the very beginning of this adventure.  There will probably be heaps more that I can't remember right now, but you get the idea.

Photograph everything!

Here we go:
  • Ankles - when they turn up, you'll wish you had a picture.
  • At the kitchen bench - it's surprising how far back I had to stand because of my fat...
  • Belly when sitting - I recently did this and was shocked!
  • Driving position in the car - you'll be amazed at how many notches you move the seat up.
  • Fadoobadahs - aka Bingo Wings, Tuckshop Lady Arms...
  • Favourite necklace - to see where it sits.
  • Feet - in sandals, thongs, shoes...
  • Food - what we used to put on our plates, both for content and volume.
  • Full body - each side.
  • Full face - each side. Because even your eyes change.
  • Handbag - do you like to sling your handbag over your shoulder?  How much room do you have in the handles?
  • Hands - for ring fit.
  • HRM display - after your first workout.
  • In a restaurant/cafe booth - not being cut in half by one of these was a great day.
  • In the shower - I used to touch the sides without bending over.  Not any more. Wish I had a pic...
  • In one specific outfit - because some people - including us - just don't believe.
  • Shoelaces - as your feet get smaller you have more shoelace to use.
  • Sit & Reach - to show your improved flexibility.
  • Socks - how far up do they come?  That'll change too.
  • Sports arm band - mine began on my wrist.
  • Sports belt fit - eg Spibelt, Camelbak etc
  • Wrists - for bracelet and watch fit.

Belly while sitting - Imagine if I'd taken one in 2013!

What 'before' pictures would you take?


  1. You are so beautiful Leanne! Love this post. As for your "Fadoobadahs - aka Bingo Wings, Tuckshop Lady Arms.." I call mine "Underceps". I have biceps, triceps and underceps! haha

  2. Ahahahaha!!
    'Underceps' Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂