Friday, February 06, 2015

And so it begins...

Here I am back at the start of yet another 12WBT round, and it's rapidly turning into a round of firsts.

It's the first one for 2015, the first one where both BM & I are eating the 12WBT way, the first one since the first one where I'll be making a conscious effort to mindfully add more movement to my days, the first one where I'll be a runner, the first one where I'll be using the tracker etc to keep accountable, the first one in a long time that I've done all the preseason tasks, well all but one, and I'll show you that one in a minute.

Prior to this round I only cooked the sort of meals that were fairly simple, basic, easy, you get the idea. Stuff that didn't require much imagination.  When it came to 12WBT meals I rarely made them because I was too busy using an excuse, which went something like "I'm focusing on getting my mindset right - if I try to do it all at once I'll fail miserably" and "we don't really eat all that modern shit" well, it didn't work surprise surprise and when I did cook something that was more what our usual fare looked like, I generally doubled the recipe.  There was rarely any leftovers, but if there was he'd take them to work for his crib - that's miner talk for lunch so it's really no wonder that my weight loss has been slow and hovering around the same 5kg mark for months.

So I'm pleased to say that so far a whole 3 days in every meal we've had is from the 12WBT recipe index, and made exactly to the recipe except for a couple of minor changes like less yoghurt* than the recipe calls for or omitting the Wasabi instead of being doubled.

My attempts at running are probably quite amusing to watch, and they don't happen every day.  But they're happening.  I go down to the local netball courts and run lengths of them, which may sound a bit silly, but we - being Madam Lash and I - ended up there one day just for a change of scenery and it turns out they are exactly 100m long which is perfect for someone with OCD and who is really crappy at maths!

Each individual court is 30.5m long, and there are 3 laid end to end. When you include the gaps at the end and between the courts they come out at 100m.

The first time I ran them with Madam Lash, we walked one court (30.5m) and ran one until I ran out of foof  a very technical term.  Then I went back by myself and ran the whole 100m at a time with a short break between the lengths to regain my breath until I got to 1km!

I was also quietly girl-crushing on a young mum who was doing her morning workout with 3 little kids in tow - she would run a couple of km's and the kids would follow alongside her on their bikes.  Then when she got back to her car, she'd drop to the pavement and pump out some serious burpees and mountain climbers, then go again!

OMG.  There is seriously NO EXCUSE that is valid as to why training is impossible when you have kids.

I think she'd done it about 4 times when she ran past, saw me watching her, and called out "Hi Annie"  How embarrassing to be caught out basically stalking someone that you actually know, but didn't recognise... In my defense, she was incognito with a hat and sunnies, and I had never met her kids.  That's the story I'm going with anyway...

The second time I went back alone I ran 2 lengths of the courts non-stop, so 200m, until I got to 1km.  My short term goal is to build up my stamina until I can run 1km non-stop.

During pre-season, one of the tasks we have to do is to clean out all the garbage food from our kitchens.  Which really translates to 'clean out your fridge and pantry', and it's always the one that I have trouble with.  Not necessarily because we have a lot of crap in our house, but because its such a big job.  It's just not one of my favourite jobs... and my pantry is in a bit of a mess at the moment.

I'll get around to it sooner or later.

Probably in time for the next round.

Now this is the part I'm most excited about.  My first Fun Run for 2015 is The Twilight Running Festival in beautiful Brisvegas!  It should be a great run, and yes I will run some of it, the route goes along the river, over a bridge, and this is the bit that could freak me out past a huge cemetery.  At night.  In the dark.  There could be zombies...

I won't be alone on this one, there are so many people joining me, which means there are plenty of people for me to throw at the zombies.  Both of my parents are coming down to Brisbane all the way from Gympie to do it with me, along with my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins!

I'm really loving that I have been an inspiration to my family, and that they have decided to join me.

But there's one person joining me that I'm most excited about, and it's an old friend that I haven't seen for 24 years!!!  I'm also hoping to catch up with the very gorgeous Cocogirl somewhere along the way.  It's going to be a real family affair, and BM will be there at the finish line to take our finishing photo.

All in all my 2015 is shaping up
to be a pretty good year.


  1. Mega Proud of you babe!! you inspire me everyday, heading to the local grounds tomorrow for my first run!! mucho luv

    1. EEE!!! I can't wait to see you! I'm getting so excited!

  2. So proud of you and I am cheering like a crazy woman for you. I can't wait to read your recap of the twilight run. Loving your food pics too. You need to join the FB 12wbt Foodies group, we love sharing pics of our food.

    1. On the forums? I don't think I'm in that one...