Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secret Santa? NAILED IT!!...

Last week Madam Lash and her three minions ~ Minion B, Minion T & Moi, went to dinner for our Christmas party and to celebrate our year of achievements. 

I happened to be at the supermarket on the afternoon of our Christmas dinner, when I received a group text from Minion B in which said she would have to opt out of the $10 present as she had a terrible headache  given to her by Madam Lash's 60 kettlebell swings  and couldn't bear to struggle with the children and the crowds at the shops, which is completely understandable, but my reaction and immediate response was this...

"THERE'S A $10 PRESENT!?!?!?"

To which Minion B replied with  "Ermm yes, but me thinks we neglected to tell you!"

They'd had this whole conversation about doing a Secret Santa kind of thing at training on Monday, but had forgotten that I don't go to training on a Monday, and wouldn't know anything about it until Friday - two days after the event..

Well call me a mushroom and keep me in the dark!

Spoiler Alert!!!
I'm a Secret Santa virgin...

And so, being a dutiful Minion, and in more than a mild state of panic, I immediately shuttled off to see what I could find. 

What do you buy for 3 women who are all completely different, taking into account possible allergies, likes and dislikes etc when the limit is $10??

Was is supposed to be a real pressie?  Or a gag gift?

For someone who like rules and lists and knowing what is supposed to happen - not to mention a mild (HA!) case of OCD - I was in hell. 

On the bright side, I was Christmas shopping for 3 gorgeous ladies and that meant gift wrapping!  I love love love gift wrapping! It's what really makes a gift something special in my opinion. 

I found the perfect things for each of them - a mortar & pestle, an oil & vinegar cruet set, and a fully stocked spice rack!  Food is probably one of the only things we all have in common with each other, so I was fairly sure I was on a winner.   I found some gorgeous gift bags, large amounts of red and green cellophane, took my goodies home and got stuck into the wrapping. 

We had booked at Jade Thai Restaurant and when we all arrived I dragged the three gift bags out of the back of the car, and hilarity ensued!

It turned out that not only had they forgotten to tell me of the $10 present, but when I did find out, they neglected to tell me the rules!  Bloody women!

What was supposed  to happen was that each of us buy a single  $10 gift, which would then be placed in the centre of the table and we would each choose a gift to take home.

So there are three of us, standing in the carpark, me with a look of complete and utter confusion on my face, while Madam Lash and Minion B alternately laughed probably because I was looking so utterly confused  and begged forgiveness for the terrible communication breakdown.  Naturally, I forgave them... Why wouldn't I?  I may have milked it for all it was worth for the rest of the night, but I did forgive them.

Minion T arrived a little later, so the whole story was repeated and we all cracked up all over again. 

We had a wonderful dinner, who knew Thai food was so good?  Yes I know, it's been around for years, but what can I say, I'm a late bloomer!   And then came time to do the pressie thing, so naturally they all felt badly again because they went home with what looked like a mountain of treasure, and I went home with... well... nothing!  Cue sad face.

Madam Lash, Minion B, Minion T with some of their haul.

Actually that's not true - Madam Lash had given us all a surprise pressie, and as this one was from our trainer, rather than our friend, it was sport related.

It's a wristband thingy with a secret pouch for stashing a house key or a bit of change or some ID etc or all of the above. It can be used to wipe sweat, and has a little label inside it to write emergency contact information, absolutely brilliant, and mine was put to good use the very next morning. 

Madam Lash & the Minions managed to redeem themselves a couple of days later and presented me with a voucher to a local knicker shop to buy a new bra God love 'em  at training on Friday. 

It's not as random as it sounds - it had come up in conversation that even though I had bought myself numerous pairs of new undies, the old ones having a tendency to migrate south to party with my ankles with alarming regularity,  I hadn't yet invested in a new bra.  What I didn't tell them, was that I was still in fact getting around in my trusty old BigW  Bond's style crop tops, so they really have no idea just how special a real bra will be!

What shall I choose?

Something completely practical to keep the girls under control?

A sports bra?

Or something pink and frilly?

Its a little bit exciting!

Oh!  Mustn't forget!

What were our achievements?

Madam Lash:  "Winning my age group at Yeppoon Half Ironman and qualifying for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!"

Minion B:  "Lots and lots of PB's in terms of weights and running speed and distance - especially the running!  But this year... coming to terms with my body - no it's not perfect, and yes I'm still carrying some extra kg's, but under that layer I'm a bundle of muscle.  I am strong and fit and healthy and happy.  Mostly I like me and how I look.  Madam Lash has given me the gift of fitness and consistency and every bloody day teaching me about all kinds of toughness on all kinds of levels, actually I think I have learnt this from all three of you beautiful ladies."

Minion T:  "Realising (with all of your encouragement & Madam Lash's expertise) at the age of 35/36, that I can run!!!!"

Minion L:  (aka Moi! or Annie192 or Annie or Leanne or even Hey You!)  What have I done this year that I would call an achievement?  There's plenty - but the one that practically jumps up and down screaming ME ME ME ME would have to be entering my first Fun Run in July!  It was Madam Lash's little man Harry that inspired me to do it in the first place - he did it last year when he was 9 years old!  He loved it - so I figured that if Harry can do it, then so can I.  And so, I did.  Thanks Haz xox


  1. Annie ... I just read the comment you left on my blog, could only think to contact you this way. I was looking at a Fitbit Flex today (that's the one you put around your wrist like a bracelet isn't it?) and it's flipping awesome !!!! One of the ladies at work has one and wears it all the time 24/7, it's apparently waterproof. It's giving her information as to the quality of sleep she has, how many calories she's burning, her steps, her kilometres and lots lots more. It's seriously brilliant. Lucky girl.

  2. Now that I've posted that I've gone back and read the post here. Oh how fun, I love Secret Santa. Can't believe you are a SS virgin!! (that's different to SSS haha!) What awesome gifts you chose though, and what lovely people you work out with. If you seriously haven't got a good sports bra I'd totally invest in that. The BEST thing I ever bought. Your life (and exercise) will change forever.

    Regarding the secret santa, our scrapbooking group (which hails from far and wide all round the world) do a Christmas ornament secret santa. I *ADORE* putting up my tree and lots of my ornaments have such special meaning now because this one came from England and this one came from Canada, etc etc. I love it.


  3. You are quite a storyteller Annie, I loved it! We have a slightly crueler secret santa system at work. Everyone gets allocated a number and the presents go in a pile. #1 selects and unwraps a present, so far very civilised. #2 however can either select a new present or steal #1's if the covet it (in which case #1 selects a new gift). #3 can then select a new present or pinch #1 or #2's and so forth. It can get quite nasty by #23 with a bit of teamwork going on but it superfunny. Merry Christmas!

  4. What great fun Annie! Merry Christmas to you.