Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grapes are the new chocolate...

I admit it, I'm a chocoholic.  I love chocolate.  Chocolate cake, chocolate bikkies, blocks of chocolate, chocolate topping, currently channeling Bubba from Forrest Gump... chocolate ice-cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, iced chocolate, chocolate scented candles...  hell, once I even had chocolate scented shower gel, and combined with the kiwi & mango shampoo, I was smelling like a bit of a fruit salad for a while.

I'm the one in the Chocolate coloured frock...

Chocolate was my mate, my buddy, the one I could rely on to be there for me when BFF & BM couldn't be.  There was always chocolate in the house in some form just about all of the time.  Chocolate was my ROCK!

Since joining 12WBT, I've had chocolate a few times, in a dessert when out for tea, or a choc-top at the cinema, that kind of thing, but nothing like I used to, and now the only chocolate in the house is for our upcoming wedding next month.

Yes, there is still  chocolate in the house, and it calls to me.  A lot.  But so far I have been strong, I have resisted the temptation... the siren call of the food of the Gods... and there is an entire conversation going on in my head most of the day, every day.  It goes a little something like this:

Voice:  Couldn't you go a bag of those Chico's right now?
Me:  aawww yeah!  That'd be really nice actually...
Voice:  Go grab them, they're just there on the bench.
Me:  No, they're for the wedding.
Voice:  That's ages away yet, just buy another bag.
Me:  It's not that far actually, and I don't want to buy another bag..
Voice:  Go on, they taste so nice.
Me:  They do taste nice... No, I don't need them.
Voice:  Look, there's 5 bags of lollies sitting right there.  Just go get one!
Me:  But they'll notice if I eat a whole bag of lollies.
Voice:  No they won't, they never notice what you do.
Me:  They'll notice that, and I don't want to cheat.
Voice:  You've eaten salad all week, you've earned a treat, just have a couple, they won't make that much difference.
Me:  If I eat them, then I'll eat the whole bag, and I don't want to do that.  I'll have some grapes instead, that'll fix the sugar craving.

So I go to the fridge and get a bowl of grapes.  But not just any grapes.  No no no, these  grapes are special, they are the new chocolate!

They're Red Globe Seedless Grapes, and they are little bombs of bliss...mmmmm  nom nom nom

They are icy cold, firm and sweet, with a delicious soft flavour.  The skin POPS as you bite them, the lovely, fresh juice bursts into your mouth and runs down your throat...

They're at the same time healthy, wicked, and 100% addictive.


Therein lies the problem...

You see I'm the sort of person, that when she finds something totally  nom-worthy, insert red globe seedless grapes here,  she can't stop at just one... bunch...

So it appears that I have traded one addiction for another, a healthier one, granted, but an addiction just the same.

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