Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goals and a Commitment...

I know the goal setting & make a commitment tasks were a couple of weeks ago now, but as I said, it was a challenge for me (never having been a goal setter), so here they are...

Overall goal
Lose 30kg +

1 Month Goals
Lose 5kg

How I Will Get There
Eat healthy,
Cut out lollies, cakes, pastries etc
Concentrate on portion sizes - learn what they should be.
Stick to the 12WBT plans as much as possible

3 Month Goals
Lose 15kg

How I Will Get There
Keep concentrating on portion size.
Stick to the 12WBT plans as much as possible
Sign up for Round 2 12WBT

6 Month Goals
Lose 25kg

How I Will Get There
Stay focused on eating good food choices
Stick to the 12WBT plans
Sign up next round 12WBT

12 Month Goals
Lose 45-50kg

How I Will Get There
Live the 12WBT plans

They aren't as involved as some of the goals I've seen posted in the forums, but I don't reckon I did too bad for a first time outing, and these are my goals, not someone else's...  While I did use other peoples goals in figuring out how to do it, I had to work out what was right and achievable for me.  They'll probably get rejigged a few times over the year, number wise, but the way I'll get there won't change.

Now comes the really hard part.

The commitment.

Da Da Daaaa

While I had no qualms whatever about what to write, I had a BIG problem with the whole 'make it public' thing.

I was more than okay with letting my closest family and friends (BM, DS, DD & BFF) know what I was doing, my issue was with letting my wider family know... lol wider family... ain't any of them wider than me!  There was only a couple of them that worried me, but they were enough to possibly derail this task completely.

Voice popped in for a visit that day, and convinced me that if I told anyone about my plan, they would be sniggering up their sleeve at me.  Rolling their eyes.  Laughing.  Judging.

So I went to my local 12WBT Facebook page (great bunch of peeps on there) and it was suggested that if I didn't feel that shouting it from the rooftop (via Facebook) was something I could do, then perhaps post the commitment on that page instead.  BRILLIANT!  But was that in keeping with the spirit of the task?

I didn't think it was.

So I went to DD with my dilemma.  I explained to her what the task entailed, what Voice had said, and what I was afraid of, and she said

"Mum, just do it."

She said Voice was probably wrong.  She said that what I was afraid of might never happen, and that I have to give those people the chance to be supportive.  That if they weren't, then *^@# them, because I have the unconditional love and support of her, BM, DS & BFF, not to mention 12WBT'ers everywhere.

I mean, it's not as if me being fat was going to be a surprise to them or anything, it was just that most of them had never ever mentioned it, so I didn't know where they stood, and that was frightening.

Anyway, I did it.  I told Facebook, and the response was... overwhelming, and I cried.  With every comment.  I cried.

So without further ado, here it is.  My Commitment to myself, to my family, to Michelle, and to the world.

"Over the years I have let myself get to an intolerable state. I have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I am undertaking the pre-season tasks. One of which is to make a commitment to yourself, and to your family to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Once you’ve done that, you’re supposed to tell the world about it – the theory being that it helps with the whole support and accountability thing… So here goes nothing…

My commitment to myself is to lose 30kg over the next 12 months. I will do this by following the 12WBT clean eating & exercise plans, and training.

I may fall off the wagon sometimes, but I will get up and get back on.

I will not be beaten.

I will achieve my goal, and I am committed to do the work to get me there."

These are the responses from various family & friends:
(I have purposefully kept their names with their post because some of those that posted truly surprised me)

Go couz!!!!

You go girl !!!!!!!,,,,you can do it!!!!!! xo

you can do it!! so proud that you are putting yourself first!!!! small steps babe small steps. xxxxx

Go u good thing.... u can do it. N I'm very proud of you..... love ya xoxox

Good luck Leanne ! Give it your best try !

Atta girl! You can do it, I believe in you! xox

So proud of you. I know you WILL do it. Who loves ya baby? xx

Well done for making the commitment, I know and you also know you can do it, you gave up smoking so you can do this, as you can be very dedicated and focused on achieving your goals we're proud of you for starting on your new destiny luv ya

Good on you Annie. You can't believe how much and for how long I have wanted you to get into this headspace. Love and really look forward to seeing the results.

so happy for you if you ever need an ear or feel the need to talk to someone feel free to ring

Well done Leanne. Good Luck.

right by your side Leanne xoxox

with you all the way Leanne, very proud of you for doing this xxxx

So very proud of my best friend. You WILL do it even if I have to push and shove. Lol. I'll be right along side of you all the way. Love you lots xxxx

You go girl !!!! I look forward to your updates along your journey.

Good luck. I'm sure you can do it.

A journey well worth it Leanne. You'll do great.

So now this is where I'm at.  Crying (again) happy tears the day before the program officially begins and I am so very excited!

Just one thing...

When did my baby girl get so smart???


  1. the minute she had a good Mum like yourself. :)

    A little tip if you are a lolly fiend frozen blueberries eaten singularly are natures lollies so much better than the imposters!

    This was a lovely post I too am going through similar events I wish you all the best on your endeavors.

    Helen :)

  2. I am a lolly fiend Helen, and a bikkie fiend, and a dip fiend, and a 'just about anything I can get my hands on' fiend! My problem is in not recognising when enough is enough.

    Thanks for the tip bout the blueberries - I'll definitely try that. Do you freeze fresh ones, or just buy the already frozen ones?

    I'm here for you Helen - thanks for the support.


  3. Now I'm crying too! Beautifully written!

    You can do it! JFDI! =)